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The tastiest, highest-quality food. Sustainable, locally-sourced produce that minimises food miles and uses a fraction of the land required for field-grown crops. An automated, climate-controlled environment operating 365 days a year, providing yields 250 times greater than conventional farms.  Fischer Farms combines AgroScience, big data and environmental activism to bring you the Future of Farming.

Vertical farming

Fischer Farms is creating a revolution in farming with its scalable, next generation, ‘Vertical Farms’. These are closed systems using an energy-efficient, LED-based lighting system to produce crops of the highest quality: leafy greens are grown in trays racked 15 levels high and harvested via a highly-automated process. 

Benefits of our approach
Highest quality environmentally friendly produce

Our bio-secure facilities exclude all germs and pests and require no pesticides, herbicides or insecticides – seeds are selected for taste and growth properties alone. The result is delicious produce praised for its taste and texture.  



Minimises environmental impact

Vertical Farms grow food on multiple levels and can produce more harvests per year than field-grown crops. This means that one Fischer Farms Vertical Farm can produce in one acre the same amount of food that requires 250 acres of field grown crops.

Reduces food waste

Because our facilities are local, ‘farm to fork’ times are considerably shorter and retailers have more time to sell the resulting produce. Our bio-secure facilities also mean that crops don’t need to be washed – extending shelf-life by as much as a week. 


Some of our interesting stats

The food grown in a 1 acre plot of land dedicated to a FF facility


275 acres of field grown crops


The food grown in a 275 acre plot of land dedicated to a FF facility


22,000 acres of field grown crops


22,000 acres
of field
grown crops


the size of Milton Keynes or 2/3 the size of London 


The food grown in a 22,000 acre plot of land dedicated to a FF facility


yearly intake of fruit and vegetables for global population