about us

Fischer Farms is an independent company and we built our Version 1.0 indoor farm, housed in a shipping container, in 2016. In Autumn, 2017, we built our Version 2.0 farm: this is the basis of our large-scale Version 3.0 Research and Development building which was constructed in the Summer of 2019.  

Board of directors

The Fischer Farms board can be split into two main parts: those who have the specialist and relevant knowledge for developing Vertical Farms and those with extensive experience in developing, constructing and owning renewable energy assets, such as wind and solar farms.

Tristan Fischer
Executive Chairman

Tristan is the founder of Fischer Farms and its largest shareholder. His agritech interests also include: FishFrom Ltd, a land-based salmon company; and Great British Prawns Ltd, a land-based shrimp company, both using Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology. He is also the Chairman of C-Capture, a carbon capture company, and a board director of Dukosi Ltd, a smart battery company.


Tristan was previously the Chairman and CEO of Lumicity, which developed over £145m of infrastructure assets in the UK agricultural sector, including solar projects and 179 biomass package plant rooms worth £25m for the poultry sector. He has been involved in infrastructure projects for over 20 years in a career that combines large companies such as Citigroup and Shell with SMEs such as Camco – which he listed on AIM, increasing shareholder value by 6 times.

Nick Stenning
Non-Executive Director

Nick is a board director and the company’s expert in sales and marketing of salads and herbs.  He has extensive knowledge of the market in which Fischer Farms is engaged as he was the CEO of Vitacress – one of the UK’s largest suppliers of high value leafy greens and herbs – for 12 years, employing several thousand people. He has a marketing and branding background and his career has included roles with Unilever before moving into the salad and herbs market.

James Simpson
Non-Executive Director and General Counsel

James is a board director and a partner in a regional law firm with 25 years of legal practice, including supporting corporate transactions, commercial requirements and litigation. He helps clients to identify and manage legal regulation and risk. These clients range from international companies to SMEs; and include agricultural businesses, farms and supporting businesses such as food logistics companies.

David Jones
Non-Executive Director

David is a board director and was previously Head of Renewables at Allianz Capital Partners and invested around €4.5 billion in wind and solar projects in Europe and the USA.


He was previously head of Shell WindEnergy, which he started from scratch and built over 600MW of wind farms. Prior to that, he held senior business development positions with El Paso, Sithe Energies and National Power. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from University College London and is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a Member of the Chartered Management Institute.

Andrew Hobley
Non-Executive Director

Andrew is a board director and has worked in asset backed investments for 15 years and as principal for 12 years. He has completed transactions in excess of EUR 1.0 bn mainly in the UK and continental Europe. He formed a UK business in 2010, investing in infrastructure assets worth over £200m.


Andrew has a Masters in Chemistry from Oxford University and MBA from University of Cape Town which included time at Duke University in the US.

Ben Guest
Non-Executive Director

Ben is a board director and is also the Head of the Gresham House New Energy division and Fund Manager for the British Strategic Investment Fund (BSIF). He founded Hazel Capital, now Gresham House New Energy, in April 2007 and was the managing partner and chief investment officer.


With over 20 years of investment experience, Ben’s expertise spans the investment spectrum, from infrastructure to public equities and venture capital. He is responsible for the origination and execution of investment opportunities alongside on-going portfolio management.