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We are growing the Fischer Farms team in the UK. Join us to shape the future of farming – and discover what we can achieve together. 

Bring your talents to a brand new industry

It’s likely that you’ve never worked in Vertical Farming before, because almost no-one in the world has yet. We are creating a new kind of business – and one that requires a new kind of team. We are bringing together passionate experts from many different disciplines: AgroSciences, Data, IT, Construction, Procurement, Engineering, Robotics, Marketing and more. Your skills and experience could be an ideal fit if you thrive on collaboration with specialists both in and outside your own field.

Lead the way in Vertical Farming

We are not the only Vertical Farm (VF) company in the world. But, we are the first to match the cost of existing field grown crops, and launch a large farm that produces at scale. Our new Norfolk facility is twice the size of the next largest VF, with the capacity to reach six times bigger. Three new UK facilities are in the pipeline, with international expansion also planned. We are in the prime position to build a profitable, sustainable business that launches a farming revolution. It’s an incredibly exciting time to join us. The future holds almost limitless potential for us – and for your career. 

Innovate through cooperation

Ideas are the core currency of innovation.  The more ideas, the more innovation. We are fostering an open, supportive culture where everyone’s ideas are welcome – and where people feel comfortable to share their ‘not so good’ ideas for team discussion. In a cooperative environment like ours, even bad ideas can lead us to new breakthroughs. Because a diversity of ideas is so important to us, we are building a team from many backgrounds and making Fischer Farms a positive, inclusive place for everyone to be.  

Feed the world sustainably

If you’re passionate about the future of the planet and its population, Fischer Farms is where to make a real difference. We are starting a revolution that is transforming food production. High quality food can be grown efficiently almost anywhere, then consumed locally. Food miles are minimised. Water use is cut 95%. Facilities are powered by renewable solar energy. No pesticides, herbicides or insecticides are needed. Altogether, it means our facilities are 250 times more productive per acre than fields. We are showing the world a path to alleviating global hunger, while reducing the negative impact of agriculture on habitats and species.

Find flexibility & great rewards

We understand the importance of finding the right balance between work and life outside it – and we want our team to feel and be at their best. For the majority of non-farm based roles, there is scope for hybrid working or working from home. In addition, a number of roles are available on a part-time basis. And work for us and you can look forward to some excellent rewards.

Jobs Search & Apply

Our team is expanding fast. Don’t miss your opportunity to be here at the start of the Vertical Farming revolution. You can search and apply for current vacancies on our application platform.