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Fischer Farms operates all year round at unrivalled scale, providing packers and retailers with a secure, stable supply of ethically-grown and locally-sourced premium produce – at cost competitive prices.

The challenge of field-grown crops

Taking the UK as an example, conventional farms only produce for 6-8 months per year, requiring packers and retailers to source food over the winter from as far away as Spain – or even America. Not only does this require time to be invested in switching from summer to winter contracts, but the food miles involved increase costs (and exposure to currency fluctuations), reduce shelf life and invariably result in food waste.


Additionally, conventional farms are subject to increasingly erratic and extreme weather patterns – seven of the 18 warmest years since modern records began have been since 2001. This negatively impacts crop production, putting further stress on the supply chain.

Fischer Farms: the future of farming

Our indoor Vertical Farm facilities operate on a 24/7/365 basis and are immune to weather fluctuations. They represent a revolution in productivity – our facilities can produce the equivalent of 750 harvests per annum per m2 of land used, compared to 5-6 harvests for field-grown crops.


Our facilities are highly automated, requiring little in the way of manual intervention and providing full-time jobs; so, we are insulated from any labour shortages resulting from our proposed exit from the EU. Collectively, this assures our partners of a reliable, year-round supply of produce from a single source.


Additionally, our facilities can be built on flat land of any quality, ensuring that all our crops are locally sourced. This minimises food miles and extends the shelf life of our produce. The bio-secure nature of our facilities also means that our crops don’t need to be washed – further extending sell-by dates by as much as a week and thereby reducing food waste.

The ultimate in sustainably-sourced food

The industrial scale of our production is not achieved at the expense of quality. Our bio-secure facilities mean that no pesticides, herbicides or insecticides are used and that seeds are selected for taste and growth properties alone. The result is gourmet food that is praised for its texture and taste.


Sustainability is at the core of our approach: our methods require a fraction of the resources required by field-grown crops; and our Vertical Farms are powered by renewable energy sources and located close to population centres to minimise our environmental footprint.


Our vertically-farmed food has numerous advantages, but our desire to see as many customers as possible buying from us means we are cost competitive with conventionally-farmed produce.