good food

Our vertically-farmed crops are the ultimate in ethically-grown, sustainably-sourced produce – and they taste delicious!

Good for you

Our Vertical Farms are sealed, bio-secure systems – there are airlocks on the entrances and employees are scrubbed as thoroughly as any surgeon before they go to work. This means there are no germs or pests to contaminate our plants and no pesticides, herbicides or insecticides are needed to stop them. In addition, we don’t need to choose plant strains that are resistant to droughts or floods or to particular types of insect. We can select seeds purely for their taste and growth properties. The result is restaurant-quality produce that is praised for its taste and texture.

Good for our planet

The man who gives his name to Fischer Foods – founder Tristan Fischer – has a long involvement with renewable energy and other sustainability projects.

“There is a soil crisis, so we didn’t want to use soil. There is a water crisis, so we wanted a system that used almost zero water. There is a pollution crisis from field run off, so we didn’t want to contaminate waterways. CO2 emissions are causing climate chaos, so we wanted our farms to be powered by renewable energy.”

This philosophy has guided the creation of Fischer Farms.


Water is re-cycled and reused, so ongoing operations use less than 5% of the water required for field-grown crops. In fact, the only water we ‘lose’ is in the cell structure of the plants we sell.


Because of the ‘closed loop’ nature of our facilities, our Vertical Farms have no impact on the surrounding countryside. And our commercial, third-generation facilities are powered by solar energy to minimise their carbon footprint.


And, unlike conventional farming, there is no ‘run-off’ of chemicals into the surrounding environment, no erosion of topsoil and no depletion of aquifers.


Additionally, Vertical Farms can be built on any quality of flat land and can be located close to towns and cities to minimise food miles. This also extends sell-by dates to minimise food waste. The overall impact is enormous: in winter, much of the UK’s fresh produce is imported from Southern Europe or North America – with Vertical Farming, none of this would be necessary.


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