Fischer Farms is the ultimate ‘impact investment’: It is a first-mover in automated, scalable Vertical Farming which will revolutionise the way many crops are grown and deliver vast productivity increases over field-grown crops; and its ‘closed loop’ facilities have minimal environmental impact and can be located close to population centres to minimise food miles.

A disruptive development

Vertical Farming is a disruptive and transformational development that will provide low risk returns on large-scale investments: its indoor facilities operate 365 days per year in a closed system immune to adverse weather conditions; and so, production (and revenues) are highly predictable.


By growing crops in facilities 15 levels high and by using big data to optimise growing conditions, Fischer Farms is creating a revolution in productivity – with yields 250 times greater than those produced by conventional land-based farming. 


The Fischer Farms business model can be replicated in any country in the world and thus the company has enormous expansion potential.

The best vehicle to capture this opportunity

Fischer Farms has created the most scalable Vertical Farming solution with automated harvesting to minimise manual labour; this, combined with leading bio-security protocols, adds up to first-mover advantage. It is entering into long-term contracts with stable, credible counterparts that are attracted by the security of supply that Fischer Farms provides.


Executive Chairman Tristan Fischer has assembled an unrivalled team of senior executives and advisors with skills in AgroSciences, renewable energy and project finance: this team offers the most credible go-to-market strategy and will ensure that all business plans are executed with the utmost professionalism. 

A force for good

Vertical Farming facilities can be built on flat land of any quality, minimising food miles and reducing food waste. This also frees up arable land for food stuffs that cannot be grown in this way, thereby helping to feed a growing global population.


Fischer Farms facilities use less than 5% of the water resources of traditional farming and its bio-secure facilities use no pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. It operates on a minimal environmental footprint (its third-generation facilities are powered by solar energy) and has no negative impacts on the surrounding countryside.


As a pioneer in Vertical Farming and by providing a truly sustainable alternative to field-based production for many crops, Fischer Farms delivers exactly the kind of ‘double bottom line’ returns that many investors are crying out for.


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